Playlists for the Weary Minded

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Midnight Music
Air, Photograph.
Sia, Breathe Me.
Eddie Vedder, Long Nights
Morphine, The Night
Postal Service, Against All Odds
Dead Man’s Bones, Lose Your Soul
+/-, All I Do
Iron and Wine, Cinders and Smoke
Buckethead, Soothsayer
Keane, Enjoy the Silence

Josh Rouse, Directions.
Rusted Roots, Send Me On My way.
System of a Down, Aerial
Black Sabbath, Paranoid
Enya, Only Time
Bjork, It’s Oh So Quiet
Thin Lizzy, Waiting for an Alibi
Third Eye Blind, Forget Myself
Usher, I Don’t Know

Songs You Can Sing Along with Anyone and Everyone (Universal Songs)
Craig David ft. Sting, Rise and Fall
Abba, Dancing Queen
ACDC, TNT …Continue Reading →
Kidz, Peanut Butter Jelly
Madagascar, Big and Chunky
Florence and the Machine, Dog Days Are Over
James Brown, I Feel Good
Queen, We are the Champions
Nightmare Before Christmas, This is Halloween

Songs You Should be able to rap to
MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This
Eminem, Til I Collapse (the chorus)
Eminem, Lose Yourself

The Eagles, Hotel California
Goo Goo Dolls, Slide.
Aerosmith, Dream On
Don McLean, Miss American Pie
The Beatles, Yesterday

“This is Our Song,” he said
The Calling, Wherever You Will Go
Lifehouse, Hanging by a Moment
Shania Twain, From this Moment
Simple Plan, I’ll Do Anything
Nickelback, Far Away
Lifehouse, Everything
Delta Goodrem, Almost Here
Coldplay, The Scientist
Anastacia, Everything Burns
Anathema, Dreaming Light
Aqualung, Strange and Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell on You)
OneRepublic, All Fall Down

Driving (alone) in a Car//Cycling//Walking
The Head and the Heart, Lost in My Mind. (afternoon)
The Stranglers, Golden Brown (early morning)
Coldplay, Beautiful World (early morning in the car)
Gorillaz, It’s the Music that We Choose (happy mornings)
Death Cab for Cutie, I Will Possess Your Heart (it’s night, and you’re alone on a freeway)
Kings of Leon, Sex on Fire
Goo Goo Dolls, Slide
The Smiths, Stop Me if you think you’ve Heard this One Before
Adele, Rolling in the Deep
The Who, Pinball Wizard
Buckethead, Soothsayer

Chilling by the Pool
The Shins, New Slang

Placebo, Breathe Underwater
Apoptygma Berzerk, Until the End of the World
Placebo, Unisex
The Killers, Somebody Told Me

On the Way Back Home in a Bus
7-9pm bus: Led Zeppelin, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.
The XX, Crystalized.
Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb
David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes
Postal Service, Against all Odds
Ed Stevens, Ride

When Life is Laughing at You
Mick Harvey, Out of Time Man
Kings of Leon, On Call

Observing People
Aer, Medina.
Matthew Good, Pledge of Allegiance
Duran Duran, Come Undone

Songs That Will Make You Fall in Love
Tigertones, Romeo and Juliet.
Travis, Slideshow
Scent of a Woman, Pur Una Cabeza
Goo Goo Dolls, Slide
Travis, Pipe Dreams

Songs that will Settle Feelings (Break up songs, defining songs, etc.)
Gary Jules, No Poetry
Dead Man’s Bones, Name in Stone

Marching Music//You’re On top of the World//Running People Over with your Car
Muse, Uprising.
ACDC, Sin City
Scars on Broadway, They Say
Billy Talent, Red Flag
Guano Apes, Lord of the Boards
Placebo, Kitty Litter
Pussy Cat Dolls, I Don’t Need a Man
Rammstein, Du Hast

Songs You Want to Delete but you don’t, so you just skip it (Cheesy Music) (Where did This song come from?)
Fuel, Bad Day.
Counting Crows, Butterfly in Reverse
Shooter Jennings, I’m a Long Way From Home
Jack Penate, Have I Been a Fool?
Peter Gabriel, I Grieve

Embarrassing Songs that You Used to Love in Middle School
Justin Timberlake, My Love
Three Doors Down, Here Without You
Breaking Benjamin, Sugarcoat
Breaking Benjamin, Here We Are
Breaking Benjamin, So Cold

Nile FM
The Killers, Read My Mind
Nadia Ali, Rapture
Rasmus, Guilty
Athlete, Wires
Green Day, Holiday

Songs That Make You Want to Jump/Dance
Bon Jovie, Have a Nice Day
Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
MGMT, Brian Eno
The Fratellis, Henrietta
Panic! At the Disco, The Only Difference between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

And suddenly you’re ghetto
Pitbull, Go Girl
Pitbull, The Anthem

System of a Down (also goes under Japan)
System of a Down, Science
System of a Down, ADD
System of a Down, Chop Suey
System of a Down, Spiders
System of a Down, Sad Statue
System of a Down, Toxicity
System of a Down, Storaged

Radiohead, Stop Whispering
Radiohead, (Nice Dream)
Radiohead, You
Radiohead, Hunting Bears

Weeknd Win
Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd, Time

When Wondering About a Guy (in a sad-ish way)
Florence and the Machine, My Boy Builds Coffins
Lifehouse, Who We Are
Kings of Leon, On Call
Mario Vazquez, Gallery

Zone Out, You’re Frowning and You don’t Realize
The Veils, Vicious Traditions
Porcupine Tree, Open Car
Snow Patrol, Set Fire to the Third Bar

A Different Era
Murder by Death, Brothers
OneRepublic, Secrets (the background violin music)

This Will Give You Butterflies
Travis, The Last Laugh of Laughter
Kings of Leon, Use Somebody
Goo Goo Dolls, Slide

Idle Tuesday Afternoons
The Smiths, William It Was Really Nothing
The Beatles, Across the Universe
David Bowie, The Man Who Sold the World
The Doors, Love Me Two Times

You’re hot.
Poison, Talk Dirty to Me
Marcy Playground, Sex and Candy
Alice Cooper, Poison
Slash ft. Fergie, Beautiful Dangerous

Feeling Twisted on the Inside
MGMT, The Youth
Nirvana, Heart-Shaped Box
Matt Monroe, The Windmills of your Mind
Hurt, Alone With the Sea
The Velvet Underground, The Gift

He Just Asked You Out
Hall & Oates, You Make My Dreams Come True

The Who, Boris the Spider

Sad Nights
Duran Duran, Come Undone
Coldplay, The Scientist (also check out Danny Lohner/Johnette Napolita’s cover)


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