Pretentious Things People Do (Part I)

In Geeks, Girrant, Pretentious on September 24, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Just to make things clear, reading books, comic books, and dressing up as Spiderwoman for Halloween does not under ANY circumstance make you a geek.

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Neither does wearing thick-rimmed glasses, wearing a Mario pixel art or being rich enough to buy all the latest “geeky gadgets” make you one.

One must note that in order to be a geek, one must totally disregard the idea of being ‘cool’. So if you get all the girls in the parties, you have a great social life, but you use Wolverine as your idol, then that does NOT make you a geek but possibly a ‘cool’ person (which isn’t so bad, by the way. It just defies the purpose of being a geek).

However, if you carry on calling yourself a geek, then all that makes you is a dweeb.


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