Those Kind of Nights

In Girrant on September 28, 2011 at 6:39 pm

You know those nights in which you find yourself not happy to be home alone? Everyone’s out – family and friends – and you’re found all alone in your living room, filling the night’s silence with mellow Coldplay songs. Some nights you’d do so much for an empty house, but then there are THOSE specific nights in which you just feel like picking up the phone and talking to someone about God-knows-what – but then no one’s home. No one picks their phone up, or they give you the busy tone – NOT because they dislike you, but because they’re out having lives.

It’s the kind of night in which you tell yourself you’ll get your study gear on, and that you’ll work on assignments that you want to be turning in on time. Then you find yourself staring helplessly at the screen, hoping that someone interesting will go online, or that some life changing phone call Continue Reading → will happen. But none of that happens.

You then move on to play happy music to maybe motivate you or inspire you to do something more proactive than sitting around and moping. However, once you put on Queen, you realize that you’re awkwardly sitting in your place, bobbing your head from side to side and singing along under your breath in the most false cheerful tone. Not cool, because now you feel like even more of an idiot.

You walk past your brother’s room – the brother that has no social life, but is out. You walk past your sister’s room, who’s never home because your father is out of the country. You turn your phone on – and look, a missed call! … from your Mom. Your cats are busy lazing around on the cool marble floors, and turn their heads away when you make your way towards them. Even the kitchen neglects you by not providing you any good food to eat.

During nights like these, you tell yourself that you shouldn’t resort to sleep… because, really, what problems will that solve? Not only will you not get any assignments done, but you’ll probably have dreams of people taunting you of turning in early while they’re out creating their lives.

Don’t listen to the voice that tells you that.

Nothing else will fix that kind of night.

Go to sleep.


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