Be Aloof

In Gentlewoman, Tactic on September 29, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Credit fully given to a fellow gentlewoman and she knows who she is.

Human beings are very fickle, hypocritical, self-loathing/self-loving creatures. My fellow gentlewoman has come to a very handy, crafty and elegant enough solution.

Be aloof.

The following tactic can be mistaken for cruel, so it is not to be done in every situation, but only in dire times, such as the mentioned below:

The person is getting ‘too used to you’.
The person mistakenly thinks you like him/her and is taking advantage of it.
The person knows you like him/her and has stopped trying to be as nice.
A fairly new acquaintance is snubbing you.
Tactic: Pretend to not know his/her name.
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Our names are the simplest thing about us, for someone to forget our names, means we have not made an impression and for one to not make an impression, means that they are in a sense ‘not good enough’.

After this is done, the person aloofed will try extremely hard for you to like him/her, and it will become obvious.

Note: Not recommended to use on most people, just the handful that fancy themselves far too much.


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