Life is not a Movie

In Girrant on September 29, 2011 at 8:07 am

If you cry yourself to sleep, the gods won’t play nice to you the next day by taking some load off your back. In fact, what might happen is that you’ll find yourself crying again the next day.

If you’re sitting alone in your house and chatting with your cat, you won’t get a moment of epiphany forming that o-shape with your mouth and suddenly getting up and running out of your house. In fact, if you DO happen to get an epiphany (which is least likely) you probably won’t go running anywhere, because a) you’ll be comfortable in your pajamas and your hair a mess, b) your parents will stop and question you, c) it’s never that urgent.

Boys aren’t everywhere. You’ll probably find yourself being single for ongoing years, and that’s fine. It happens to the best of us – or maybe I’m just saying that so that I don’t feel bad about my being single.

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If you’re the geeky one out of your group of friends and you guys go to a bar, find a group of girls who happen to be the same number as you are – chances are, you won’t find a geeky girl to suit your preferences. They’ll all be hitting it off, and you’ll most likely be a seventh wheeler.

Sorry, lads, but life just isn’t that magical.


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