The Different Kinds of Feeling Like Shit

In Girrant on September 30, 2011 at 10:55 am

1) You have a terrible headache in the morning, and you’re wearing the wrong shirt for the day… but it’s tolerable. No one’s treating you differently, and the guy you like hangs out with you that day and says that you look fine. Your professor’s at college are approving of what you say in class, and some random classmate tried to talk to you. You’re not THAT bad… if only your head didn’t hurt so much and if you were wearing a looser shirt, then the day would have been instantly fixed.

2) You missed the bus, skipped breakfast, and now you’re terrifyingly hungry AND sweaty (due to running after the bus, then quickly catching a cab). With that, you also figure out that you forgot to put deodorant on, so now you have to walk throughout the day fanning yourself and making quick runs to the bathroom to make sure you don’t smell as bad as you think you do. You show up in time to your second class (missing the first class) and find out that… Continue Reading → there’s a pop quiz that you’re not prepared for. It’s cool, though, with the exception that your stomach keeps loudly growling at you for not feeding it. People aren’t cowering away from you, which must mean that you don’t smell THAT bad. Your friends call you, and they all have the same gaps as you do. On top of that, the guy you like laughs along with you at your horrible morning, and attempts to cheer you up.

3) You wake up and you look good, but you don’t feel fine. You go to school and talk to people, but no one’s listening. It’s either you’re not loud enough, or people are too busy for you. You nod it off, moving along. You sit on my own for a while, and no one’s making attemps to talk to you. You shake it off, moving along to the labs. You try to work, but your mind’s too occupied about God-knows-what. You stop at the bathroom to make sure people aren’t avoiding you due to how you look, and then realize that you look brilliant that day. With a boost of confidence, you walk out of the bathroom and suddenly everyone wants to be your friend again. You realize that it was all just in your head, and that you’re actually awesome.

4) You wake up and you’re bloated. The pants that looked fine on you the day before no longer look good on you. You’re being neglected by everyone – including the professors which turn a blind eye towards your hand that’s been raised up in the air for about fifteen minutes now – and the guy you like is now hanging out with another girl. AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH!? you think to yourself. You turn to your friends who all happen to have phone calls or important text messages, and they raise a figure at you, motioning, “one minute” which somehow extends to “one hour.” You’re miserable, and you think to yourself that a cup of coffee might make your day… until you realize that you’re completely broke. You forgot your money at home. You can’t even afford a bottle of water. You sit down and try to figure out what it is that’s wrong with your day — you’re wearing the same clothes you were okay in a week earlier, your hair’s not THAT bad, your friends are the same people, your professors are the same people — what is it?

That, my fellow students, is the lowest level of feeling like shit. It’s when you’re shit itself (not to be mistaken with THE shit) — and just who on earth would want to acquaintance themselves with shit?

Don’t feel too bad about it though, because in order to have your up days, you need to have your down days to realize that you have your up days. If we didn’t have down days, then we’d have nothing to compare our down days to, hence making them all just plain, boring and simple days.

On that note, I bid you all a day — be it good or bad.


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