The Laws of Drinking Tea

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2011 at 11:17 am

1) Thou shall not add sugar. In George Orwell’s words, “how can you call yourself a true tea-lover if you destroy the flavour of your tea by putting sugar in it? It would be equally reasonable to put in pepper or salt.” — and how very right it is. If you put three spoons of sugar in your tea, try to gradually lessen it every couple of months until you hit the No Sugar zone. I did that last year, and it was completely worth it. Other than the fact that it’s healthier and that people stop taking sips of my tea due to its non sugary taste, you can truly taste the tea in your mouth, instead of the pounds of sugar which you might as well eat with your yogurt — it will taste the same.

Note that this rule does not necessarily apply to flavored tea (i.e.: caramel, blackcurrant, peach, etc.) for the reason that without sugar, the flavors do not stand out at all. This isn’t a stable idea though, I still have to experiment around with it until I find out why the flavors don’t work with no sugar.

2) Thou shallContinue Reading → only add milk within the confines of your home. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even an afternoon snack, note that you CANNOT have it outside of your house. You’re in college and you want milk tea? No; make it either tea, milk or coffee. You’re in a coffee shop and you want milk tea? Again – it’s either TEA alone, MILK alone, or coffee. (Coffee is usually the best option, since it has both milk and caffeine in it, and serves the same justice as milk tea).

3) Thou shall wash down your toast and biscuits with a cup of tea — because it tastes better that way. It also makes me feel like I’m a character in a book being written about, “She took a bite of her toast and washed it down with a sip of tea.”

4) Thou shall use tea as a weapon when necessary. Unlike coffee, tea takes a heck of a time to cool down. So when you’re walking down the street with your travel mug in hand and your bag in another, and some mugger grabs you from behind all of a sudden, what do you do? Well, you can’t drop everything and pull out the pocket knife you have hidden in your shoe, because the mugger is fast. You can’t pull out the gun from your pockets because he already has his hands in your pockets. You can’t scream for help, because he has his hand around your mouth and you just happen to be in a dark alleyway. So what you do is you simply throw your tea at his face, leaving him screaming and writhing on the floor. This does not work with coffee for the sole reason that it cools down a bit too fast, and might instead leave a warm ticklish feeling on the face rather than a burning one, and the mugger will realize what you were trying to do and will then be more violent with you.


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