Don’t Drive If

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2011 at 5:10 am

Don’t drive if you’re not patient. If a car slows down in front of you, that does not mean that the driver is out there to get you. Roll down the windows, take a deep breath, and RELAX. It could be anything! The driver could be having a coughing fit for all you know, and there you are, cursing the hell out of him/her.

Don’t drive if you’re going to be blaming the person in the passenger seat for all your mistakes. If you swerved into a long lane and hit a car, then it’s your fault; if you took a wrong turn in a wrong road, then it’s your fault; if you were on the phone while driving and the police stops you and fines you, then it’s your fault. Stop putting all the blame on the person beside you, telling them off for not “warning you” to take this turn or to take that turn. You’re the one with the eyes of the driver, meaning you should be the one to focus more than anyone else.

Don’t drive if you have anger issues. If someone … Continue Reading → gives you the wrong directions, that does NOT mean that they intentionally did it so that they could have a laugh at you later on in the evening! For God’s sake, it’s most likely that the person will forget you within the span of the next five minutes. People make mistakes, each and every one of them; if someone gives you the wrong directions, then it could possibly be because THEY MADE A MISTAKE! Surprise surprise! Do not hold a grudge against the person and curse them out throughout your car ride to wherever the fuck it is that you’re going.

Don’t drive if you’re not going to respect your surroundings. This includes littering (also applies to passengers, walkers, cyclists, and anyone else who litters), people crossing streets, other cars in the same/different lane. If you see a person trying to cross the street, don’t speed up to scare the fuck out of them – SLOW DOWN! Accidents are really probable, and we don’t want being run over to be a thing. This also applies to swerving into other people’s lanes, cutting line so that you could get ahead of everyone else. I’ve seen this case happen a lot, and it always results with traffic jams.

If any of these descriptions define you, then do us all a favor and go buy yourself a bike or something. The roads could do without people like you.


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