The Different Types of ‘Growing Apart’

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2011 at 6:47 pm

At one point of our lives, everyone’s bound to grow apart from one another – whether you like it or not. So this is a little manual to make you all feel better, and help you realize that you are not always the constant variable that drives all others off.

It’s your last year of school, and most people from your year are leaving the country for good. Of course, not every person has the same chemical reaction as the other when leaving – some will completely cut off with everyone, and conversations will be awkward thereon forth; some will cut off unintentionally, but when you do have conversations, it’s like you’re back to the old days; some will try to keep contact, but the two of you know that you’re not supposed to since it’s so awkward, but you continue trying anyway; and some are just natural – those are the pros. They know what they’re doing, and when you talk, it’s like you’re not even in two different countries. It doesn’t matter … Continue Reading →when the last time you guys talked was – you can go on not talking for months, but it’s okay. You will still give each other the latest juicy details of every update, and you will not miss out on an opportunity to find out everything about them either.

Then there’s the ‘from school to college’ transition, in which the people who were once your friends (and are still in the same country) just don’t seem as cool anymore… Once you enter college, you see the diverse life that was hidden from you for so many years. “Where were all these people?” you wonder to yourself. You then start moving on from your high school friends (which you now find embarrassing and ridiculously boring) to your college friends. You start to wonder how you were even friends with the people you knew back in high school. What was it about them back then that you seemed to find so cool?

The last kind of Growing Apart (in this post at the very least) is the kind in which you awkwardly have to realize that you and your ‘best friend’ are not the same people you used to be when you were in primary school. All these years you’ve been able to keep the bond strong – when you’d see your bestie during winter/summer breaks, it was all great. But then once you enter college together, you realize that the two of you have two completely different mindsets, and that it just won’t work out between the two of you. At this point, you have to both bow to one another and simply move on – otherwise you won’t be able to stand each other and will begin throttling one another, which we do not want to happen, I suppose.


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