Why I Love My Cats

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2011 at 12:44 pm

Simply put, my cats make me happy. But since that’s not enough to convince you cat-haters that my cats give me more reasons than making me happy to make me love them, I have decided to make a list of WHY my cats make me happy.

Before I go on any further, you first must know that I have two cats – let’s call them Scarf and Plug. Scarf is a very pretty, male, fat cat. He knows he’s pretty, and he likes to roll around on the floor and give you ‘the eyes’. The eyes that KNOW what you’re thinking – “My God, what a cute cat!” – and makes you run towards him and rub him all over his tummy so that he could roll around some more.

My other cat, Plug, is a more masculine but annoying cat. He craves attention all the time, and if you’re not giving it to him, he will FORCE you to give it to him – and not in the “Oh look at me, I’m cute,” sort of way, but rather the kind that wakes you up at 4am in the morning just so that he could snuggle … Continue Reading →underneath your covers with you.

Now, Plug likes me more than Scarf Does. Or maybe they like me the same, but it seems like Plug likes me more. He’s always with me – when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m hungry, when I’m bored, you’ll find him with me on my lap, sitting comfortably. I, on the other hand, would be sitting there, either working on an assignment and drinking tea, reading a book and drinking tea, or watching a TV show or a movie and drinking tea.

You see? Cuddling with my handsomly annoying cat with my cup of tea and another activity makes me happy, because not only does Plug motivate me to work more or to read more or to watch more (not that I need motivation for the last two options) but he makes it fun throughout the process too.

And not only that. When I’m required to get up – whether it’s because… whatever reason – it’s like he doesn’t want to get off, so I know that he’s not trying to lure me into feeding him (he does that sometimes, so that as soon as you get up he just runs to the kitchen). But sometimes – most of the time – I’d be trying to get up, and he wouldn’t let me. It’s not like he’s holding on to me… or no, it’s like he’s holding on to me, because when I try to get up, he just sits there, as if unaware that I’m trying to get up.

And that, my friends, is why I love my cat(s) so much. Because he makes me feel like I’m worth it too. We have our little cute moments together, no matter how many times you guys call me a cat lady.

I know that my cat loves me too.


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